Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the workshop is right for me?

Do you lead a nonprofit? Do you want to grow your organization and achieve its vision?

Then this is the workshop for you. It’s hard work and will fundamentally change the way you think about and approach fundraising.

To be a 7-Figure Fundraiser, you'll need to do a lot of fundraising – there's no silver bullet.

In this workshop we show you the exact strategies and tactics to find, cultivate and pitch donors on your organization’s big vision.

Do you offer personalized help?

As part of the package, we offer 3 months of coaching after the workshop for you and one of your staff. We highly recommend that you participate in these calls as it greatly increases our student’s fundraising success.

This seems like a big investment?

This is a big investment in yourself as a leader, but right now there may be fundraising mistakes you're making (without even knowing it) costing thousands of dollars in lost donations.

We show you not just what you should start doing to become a 7-Figure fundraiser, but also what you should stop doing.

For years I made the mistake of spending more money pitching small donors with direct mail than I did learning how to pitch the largest donors. It just takes one large donation to forever change your organization's impact.

How much time does this take?

The workshop is two full days. These are packed days, and we recommend attendees fly in the night before the workshop begins. Two night stay and meals are included in your registration fee.  

We’ll work with you one-on-one during the workshop to develop, practice and give your own 7-Figure Pitch. You’ll leave the workshop ready to pitch a donor and forever change your fundraising.   

What if your method doesn't work for me?

The 7-Figure Fundraising workshop is a proven system. It’s been tested, implemented and has increased the fundraising success of many nonprofit leaders. We set out to make the best fundraising class in the country and invested over 1,800 hours of staff time creating this workshop.

We are so confident you'll love the workshop that we offer a 100-day/100% money back guarantee. If you attend the workshop, follow the plan, and it doesn’t radically change your fundraising – we’ll give you a complete refund. It's that simple.

What if I am just starting out as a fundraiser?

This course addresses both how to get new donors and how to grow your existing donors. We’ve had both new and seasoned nonprofit leaders participate in the workshop and be successful.  


Can I pay by check?

Absolutely. We accept checks and can send you an invoice for the workshop payment. To arrange to pay by check email us at workshop@7figurefundraising or call 207-504-0020.