What do people have to say about 7-Figure Fundraising Workshops?

I have been reminded just how much I’ve forgotten about fundraising, about fundamental habits, developing consistency, thinking of new ways to attack the same problem - it’s all covered in the 7-Figure Fundraising Workshops. I recommend them highly. In fact, I recommend them so highly, I brought my entire team - a dozen people have gone through two versions of this workshop - including me. I participated and loved every minute of it - and you will, too.
— John Tillman, CEO, Illinois Policy Institute
John Tillman_Illinois Policy Institute

Brad Lips_Atlas Network
I regret that I had to learn by trial and error some of the lessons that I could have learned in two days. I really can’t imagine a better use of the last two days.
— Brad Lips, CEO, Atlas Network

I would definitely recommend the 7-Figure Fundraising Workshop to people for clarity, focus, and to motivate us to actually get the work done.

I recommend this course to someone just starting out so they can set themselves up do it correctly. I’ve raised millions of dollars in my life and I would take this course again in a heartbeat
— Lynn Harsh, Vice President of Strategy, State Policy Network
Lynn Harsh_State Policy Network

Dave Trabert_Kansas Policy Institute
It’s amazing how many people in the nonprofit world who live and die by fundraising don’t really know how to do it. Fundraising is a big mystery for us...a lot of us have been making it up as we go and what we’ve heard from other people. There is a completely different way to think about how to raise money.
— Dave Trabert, President, Kansas Policy Institute

It’s a big investment financially as well as time. This is the best training I’ve ever had…It’s definitely worth the time and the money. It was invaluable.
— John Tsarpalas, President, Nevada Policy Research Institute
John Tsarpalas_Nevada Policy Research Institute

KEVIN BROWN_The King's College
The coaching was phenomenal.
Absolutely worth every penny.
— Kevin Brown, COO, The King's College

[Tarren] really kind of changed the entire paradigm of development for me. He took on conventional wisdom and just upended it. It changed my thinking entirely.

In fact, during one of our breaks, I emailed our development director and I said, quit doing this, start doing this, and on Monday we’re going to start doing this the 7-Figure Fundraising way.
— Chuck Knapp, President, Jobs for America’s Graduates - Kansas
Chuck Knapp_Jobs for America's Graduates - Kansas

Megan Rose_FlourishNow
This workshop is crucial if you want to grow and scale your nonprofit. It’s worth the time, energy and the cost because you’re making a real investment in your nonprofit organization and most importantly in yourself - the person who is executing it and responsible for raising the money. Ultimately this will make my role easier because I now have the tools and resources to be successful.
— Megan Rose, SW Florida Regional Director, FlourishNow

I think Tarren is kind of miraculous, certainly inspirational. He’s incredibly down to earth...really well suited to be a teacher.
— Amy Owen, President, Community Foundation for Northern & Fauquier Counties
Amy Owen_Community Foundation Fauquier and Loudoun Counties

Jim Waters_Bluegrass Institute
I’d recommend it for whatever sector of the nonprofit world you’re in.
— Jim Waters, CEO, Bluegrass Institute

I’ve been doing this 20-25 years now. I thought that I had it wired. Do this [workshop]. It really requires you to rethink why you do the things you do.
— Will Swaim, President, California Policy Institute
Will Swaim_California Policy Institute

Ryan Johnson_Missouri Alliance for Freedom
You will be learning from some of the best in the business. These are frontline practitioners of their craft who have demonstrated the ability to raise tens of millions of dollars. There is currently no better major gift fundraising training on the market.
— Ryan Johnson, Principle, Exemplar Public Affairs, LLC
7-figure fundraising workshop student taking notes

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